Spiritual Leaders

Rabbi Shmueli Feldman

Rabbi and Chazzan

Rabbi Shmueli Feldman, 38, is a Bondi-born and bred fifth-generation Australian Rabbi. He is a widely accomplished and recognised community leader; a passionate orator, singer and educator, with numerous Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinical qualifications including Semicha, Safrut, Shechita and Chazzanut, gained from his studies in Australia, the U.S.A, South America and Israel. He also holds tertiary qualifications in Leadership and Management and Education and Care. Rabbi Feldman is approachable and personable, with a great sense of humour, and speaks several languages. Rabbi Feldman married Rebbetzin Chasia in Jerusalem in 2006 and they spent further time advancing their respective studies in Israel before subsequently moving back to Australia together on Shlichut. For the past decade, Rabbi Feldman has served as the Senior Rabbi and Chairman of Chabad ACT. In addition to his tremendous successes in building and providing for Canberra and Region’s Jewish and other residents and visitors, he has also become renowned as a leading advocate for Jewish and social issues and a coordinator of communal events involving Australia's political and multicultural leadership as well as the Diplomatic community. During the last decade, Rabbi Feldman established wide-reaching educational and humanitarian programs for all ages in the ACT and Region including opening an award-winning Jewish community centre, a Synagogue, preschool, various social welfare programs and Canberra's first Jewish primary school. Prior to his appointment to lead Chabad in Canberra, Rabbi Feldman spent the first 5 years of his professional life in Sydney's Yeshiva Centre, where he was instrumental in establishing the new Yeshiva College Bondi and served as the General Manager of the Yeshiva Centre and Deputy Principal of the Yeshiva College. Rabbi Shmueli and Rebbetzin Chasia Feldman, together with their 7 young children, recently decided to call Melbourne home. in February 2022 Rabbi Feldman was appointed to the position of Rabbi and Chazzan of the Kew Hebrew Congregation where he has been tasked with rejuvenating the once-thriving community there, however, he also still commutes to and remains the leader of Chabad ACT on a part-time basis.