Spiritual Leaders

Rabbi Shmueli Feldman

Rabbi and Chazzan

Rabbi Shmueli Feldman, aged 39, hails from Bondi, and embodies the legacy of a fifth-generation Australian Rabbi. His reputation as a prominent community leader is backed by a wealth of accomplishments. A fervent orator, singer, and entertainer, Rabbi Feldman possesses a diverse range of Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinical qualifications, including Semicha, Safrut, Shechita, and Chazzanut. These credentials are a testament to his extensive studies and professional experiences across Australia, the U.S.A, South America, and Israel. Moreover, he holds tertiary qualifications in Leadership and Management, as well as Education and Care. Rabbi Feldman is distinguished by his approachability, personable demeanour, and infectious sense of humour. Fluent in several languages, he adds a multi-dimensional facet to his interactions. In 2006, Rabbi Feldman joined in marriage with Rebbetzin Chasia (BA; Ed) in Jerusalem. Their pursuit of academic advancement led them to further immersion in studies in Israel before embarking on a shared mission to Australia as representatives of Chabad Lubavitch – the pinnacle global outreach movement within Judaism. For the past decade, Rabbi Feldman has admirably served as the Senior Rabbi and Chairman of Chabad ACT, making history as Canberra’s longest-serving Rabbi. In this capacity, his achievements extend beyond the realm of religion, including his dedicated efforts in nurturing the Jewish community and enriching the lives of residents and visitors in Canberra and its surrounding areas. He also serves as a volunteer Chaplain with Canberra and Region’s Hospitals and Universities. He has further garnered acclaim as a staunch advocate for Jewish and social causes, playing a pivotal role in coordinating and presenting at communal events attended by Australia's political and multicultural leaders, as well as the Diplomatic community. Notable highlights of his Canberra journey include the establishment of annual Chanukah events in Federal and State Parliaments, the coordination of a milestone event marking the conclusion of the first-ever Torah in Parliament House, and his appointment as a judge on the Australian of the Year Awards panel. Beyond these, Rabbi Feldman's contributions encompass being a keynote speaker at various large conferences spanning a spectrum of community groups and organisations. His expertise is sought by television and radio stations for commentary on diverse religious topics and matters affecting the multicultural fabric of society. Remarkably, Rabbi Feldman has been at the forefront of pivotal moments, including his lead role in fostering multifaith solidarity between the Australian Jewish and Muslim communities after the Christchurch tragedies. He also held the mantle of being the keynote speaker on peace at the UAE Embassy and other Embassies preceding the Abraham Peace Accords. His legacy extends to being the first Rabbi to officiate a State funeral in Canberra, the first Jew to be invited to deliver the keynote address for the UN Harmony Day at Parliament House and the first community leader to keynote the Harmony Day event welcoming new citizens at the prestigious Albert Hall, Canberra, alongside the Federal Immigration Minister. Further underlining his achievements, he was voted by the National Rabbinate onto lead positions on prominent boards such as the Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia and the newly established Rabbinical Council of Australia and New Zealand. Beyond the realm of leadership, Rabbi Feldman has pioneered educational and humanitarian initiatives spanning all age groups within the ACT and surrounding regions. His contributions encompass the establishment of an award-winning community centre, a Synagogue, preschool, various social welfare programs including Canberra’s only Kosher & Halal foodbank, and Canberra's inaugural Jewish primary school. Prior to his stewardship in Australia’s capital, he spent his formative professional years from 2007 at Sydney's Yeshiva Centre, where he played a pivotal role in the establishment of Yeshiva College Bondi. During this period, he served as the General Manager of the Yeshiva Centre and Deputy Principal of Yeshiva College. Rabbi Shmueli and Rebbetzin Chasia Feldman, along with their seven children, recently embarked on a new chapter in Melbourne. As of February 2022, Rabbi Feldman has taken up the esteemed roles of Rabbi and Chazzan at the prestigious Kew Hebrew Congregation in Melbourne, while continuing to lead Chabad ACT, a testament to his ongoing commitment to building and serving communities across the nation.