Child Protection Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to provide clear guidelines to the executive, employees, contractors and other volunteers/visitors (‘individuals’) to the Synagogue regarding expectations when interacting with children and young persons on our premises.

Kew Hebrew Congregation is a Modern Orthodox Congregation and a not for profit organisation. Our aim is to provide religious, spiritual, cultural and social activities for the Jewish community as well as to foster and promote Jewish religious education now and into the future for both adults and children. It is our responsibility to deliver an environment that is caring, nurturing and safe and to safeguard children and young persons from abuse and neglect. Our members, staff, contractors and leaders demonstrate awareness and a commitment to child safety by their actions and behaviour.

The KHC community takes a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of abuse and bullying, discrimination and exploitation of children. Child safety is a top priority and commitment in the operations of the KHC. As part of this commitment, leaders should insist that members of the Board the Congregation, all employees, contractors and volunteers must read this Child Protection Policy and be familiar with its contents. This includes Rabbis, cantors, teachers, mentors, children, program leaders, administrative staff, caretaking staff, visitors, the executive and board members. (Standards 1&2).

It is the responsibility of members of KHC, executives of KHC, staff and volunteers, contractors and visitors to understand the important responsibility they have to:

Respect and support the diversity of children’s needs and protect children and young people from all forms of abuse, bullying, discrimination, differential treatment and exploitation. This includes children with a disability and children who are known to have gender diversity. The safety of the children needs to be constantly considered. (Standards 1&2&3)

KHC Child Protection Policy 4

Kew Hebrew Congregation must promote the principles concerning children when working with the seven child safe standards. The principles relate to the need for the inclusion of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, children with a disability, and children of gender diversity within the child protection policy of KHC.

Each child protection standard addresses a certain component of child safety. The principles and seven child protection standards are designed to work together in the child protection policy to create a child safe environment at the KHC premises.

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