On May 24, 2020 the KHC Committee/Board of Management requested the Council of Boroondara for heritage listing of all KHC buildings. At a Council meeting of the City of Boroondara on September 7 2020, the councillors voted unanimously to grant heritage listing to all mentioned buildings, trees included.

In Summary

The Kew Hebrew Congregation at 53 Walpole Street, Kew, is of local historical, architectural (representative), social and associative significance and is of rarity value to the City of Boroondara.

The complex at 53 Walpole Street, Kew, known as the Kew Hebrew Congregation and comprising a synagogue, former Jewish day school and Jewish community buildings, is a rare place type in the City of Boroondara and in Victoria more generally. It is a rare intact postwar example of this place type.The Bet Nachman Synagogue is architecturally significant as a fine representative example of a postwar Synagogue. Frequently designed by emigre architects who had trained in the ateliers of Europe before the war, these buildings display characteristics of the modernist movement and were seen as symbols of survival and hope to a displaced community looking for a fresh start. Breaking from the traditional forms used for earlier Synagogues that referenced classicism, these building used simple cubiform massing with flat roofs and sheer unadorned planar surfaces favoured by the International style. This frequently resulted in buildings that possessed a certain monumentality in form that was lightened by the use of pale brickwork and large horizontal bands of glazing. The Bet Nachman Synagogue is distinguished by its bold use of pre-cast concrete and a steel portal frame that, combined with striking sloped vertical elements and large areas of unbroken wall surfaces, has resulted in a composition that is more indicative of the emerging Brutalist movement of the 1960s than the earlier international style.

Council's Report

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